A Thanksgiving Near Effluent Waste Ditch

Effluent Waste Drainage Ditch
Effluent Waste Drainage Ditch



So thankful for this effluent waste ditch

that separates new neighborhoods from home

of people that I met when I would roam

the peace I find when I’ve grown up a stitch.

So thankful for these early morning walks

to observe a family of ducks through life

when they are not troubled by manmade strife

to raise a family here in yellow stalks.

Along the Cattails grown amongst this waste

once stood a Heron tall silent and still

two birds of prey sit stoic as statue.

A moment tuned to fine poetic taste

effluent waste enough for winter fill

a goose breaks ice and stands up brave and true.


A grateful meeting with coyote friend

who follows slightly ahead of my steps

to approach Swann Lake with final respects

coyote lost in brush our friendships end.

Every morning he waits by the path

once down the way by tall reeds with a limp

to chase the birds as a devious imp

near frozen bend a natural bird bath.

So thankful for our meetings in the cold

the moment his eyes will interlock mine

as still as icicle in bitter snow.

So thankful that coyote is so bold

when moving beyond this “Walking Path” sign

where effluent waste always seems to flow.


Along this waste define a grateful heart

by following a family of duck

who live in ditch and home they will construct

the couple walks at dawn for morning start.

From last winter upon neatly trimmed reed

the Mallard led his wife along this ditch

along slow-moving wastewater and switch

for shelter here is everything they need.

On every walk they move and they grow

to plan their family as they take walk

they stop to look upon a place to nest.

This effluent waste ditch is all they know

outside ditch in tree is silent Fish Hawk

to be a witness myself I am blessed.


So grateful for this manmade concrete path

that follows where my feet have walked before

thankful for effluent waste ditch splendor

near frozen bend a natural bird bath

a songbird nests nearby to share a song

though situation may not be the best

remember the need for a meal and rest

remember to find a place to belong.

Maybe today coyote will visit

so thankful for a friend to walk this ditch

so thankful for one more day on Swann Lake.

I feel November every minute

along slow-moving wastewater and switch

where gusts of North Wind finally break.

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