I’ve Tasted the Darkness

I’ve tasted the darkness

Smelled the rising fear

Pulled my body up next to it

My dirty hands sliding and groping

Caressing the toxic blackness

Pulling and pawing at its very lifeforce

Rubbed my hair across its neck

Fingernails digging deep

Tightly pressed

Cold rippling across my lips

Sharp and angry like broken glass

Deep rumbling of destruction

Razor thin claws toy with my flesh

My body growing hot and angry

I’ve tasted the darkness

Now intoxicated by the scent

Toxic, burning, punishing

Despair, anguish, and bone-deep pain

Shudders run through my body

My tongue slips across my teeth

So delicious is the suffering

Eyes sinking into the shadows

Blood pulsating through my veins

Heart hammering in my chest

I’m one with the torture

Each bloody strip of flesh removed

Every moment of writhing

The contortions as the lash lands

Merciless it falls, again and again and again

Pain heaped upon other pain

Cries of hatred and tears of blood

I smile at the eventual silence

When the lash cannot bring more

For the pain has screamed bloody victory

Fists clenched and in the air

A great cheer among the ruthless

The lifeless heap tossed to the dogs

Laughing as the flesh-eaters squabble

The test summarily completed

I’ve tasted the darkness

And now the darkness has tasted me

My skull twisting

Bones cracking and sinews pulling

Something dark comes from within

Shadows slumber in to taunt me

The smell of brimstone and ash

My chest filling with the hot air

Teeth bare and jaw clenching

Muscles tensing, thoughts bending

The outside mist now arising

Volume climbing, something rising

The screams of the dead and dying

Hellish flames erupt in the distance

Darkness surrounds me entirely

Now again and evermore

Hot breath licking at my face

Flickering tongue in my mouth

Open mouths and lips and teeth

Clawing, panting, tearing

My arms wrapped in embrace

Consuming and controlling

An unholy passion has commenced

One which no force may destroy

For once you’ve tasted it

The darkness demands sacrifice

Yet becomes so deliciously lustful

When the sacrifice comes freely



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R.J. Schwartz is the owner and writer for The Gypsy Thread website, which is known for witchcraft, pagan rituals, tales of the unexplained and haunted, plus so many other weird things, you just need to check it out for yourself.

If you enjoy this poem and would like to read more of this author’s work, follow this link to his author page.

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R J Schwartz

I write about everything and sometimes nothing at all. I'm fascinated by old things, rusty things, abandoned places, or anywhere that a secret might be unearthed. I'm passionate about history and many of my pieces are anchored in one concept of time or another. I've always been a writer, dating back to my youth, but the last decade has been a time of growth for me. I'm continually pushing the limitations of vocabulary, syntax, and descriptive phrasing.

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