On the Breeze

Lightly Comes the Breeze through the Trees


Using the Written Word to make a Difference

I wrote this some time ago but feel it has added relevance in today’s troubled world.  If writers can make even a small difference to people’s attitudes, then we are creating a positive against the negatives.  It has to be done somehow – if only the words are heeded!



Bright and breezy, she’s that way,

Lightly comes the breeze today,

carrying from far away

a whisper of success,


It’s on the breeze, it’s in the air.

She doesn’t really have a care;

should she, though, just be aware

of something brewing west?


Breezing by without a thought,

she misses signs the clouds have brought.

I think it’s time she looked and caught

the message of unrest.


She refused the negative,

always wanted positive,

couldn’t deal with relatively

difficult events,


so ignored the news that day

saying bombs were on their way,

thought of war, of an affray,

as merely a pretence.


Full of hope, she clung to plans,

success over in foreign lands,

then one bomb into her hands

changed all; it made no sense.


Bright and breezy it came that day,

on the breeze, bringing affray,

then she listened, tried to say

what she would do to fight.


As she sat in her wheelchair,

after months of patchwork care,

she thought it fruitless, so unfair

and vowed to put it right.


Something different must be done,

all before had died or run.

There must be power in words not guns.

She searched for some insight. 


Her words were read across the world,

All corners searched, all flags unfurled,

All pledged to try to stem, uncurl

the trigger-spring of hate.


She could not do, she could only write, 

spread these words on the internet breeze:

You are the stone in the middle of the pond.

Push out those gentle ripples of love to those close to you, then gently further!

If there is resistance, then use a bigger stone, larger ripples to reach more shores.

Love is the answer.  Nothing else will do.


AFC 6/2022


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Ann Carr
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Ann Carr

I love writing; short stories, poems, fiction and non-fiction. My time in teaching dyslexics, primary, secondary and adults, life with grandchildren and a multitude of experiences, all have taught me to value family, nature and life in general. I'm a member of HubPages (hubpages.com/@annart) which has helped me hone my writing skills. I have published an anthology of stories and poems on the subject of 'words', entitled 'Take a Word!', designed to encourage writers to stretch their boundaries when choosing words. It's exciting to be a part of a community which has the same passion for writing.

6 thoughts on “On the Breeze

  • June 26, 2022 at 3:11 PM

    Thank you very much, Phyllis. I’m so pleased that you consider me a poet. Thank you.

  • June 27, 2022 at 3:12 PM

    Keep pushing to get the words out there….use a bigger stone if you have to! Love it. Words can send a message…sent on an Internet Breeze. And these words need to go out, Ann…Great Work.

  • June 28, 2022 at 2:45 AM

    Thank you, Steve, for your kind words and encouragement. I’m glad you enjoyed this and you obviously ‘get it’!


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