My Whole World

My whole world …

my whole world

I waited a few minutes after he left then followed at a safe distance. He had been acting strange lately, as if there was something to hide from me. Well, this time I decided to find out just what the heck was going on. I have been faithful to him these four years of our relationship and expected the same loyalty from him. Not once did I even think about being with another, for he had become my whole world.

The evening had started with a nice cool breeze, but then it looked like clouds were rolling in from the west. I stopped and studied them for a minute or so. They looked like thunder clouds and I was glad I had worn a warm sweater. Then I hurried to catch sight of him again.

He had entered the park and slowed down a little. He suddenly stopped and looked around carefully, so I ducked behind a tree and held my breath.

I closed my eyes for just a second and when I opened them, he was gone! I hurried to where the path turned and peeked around a bush. He was nowhere in sight!

You might be wondering why I followed him. Well, what would you do? Everything had been fine between us then he just started sneaking away after dinner when I was busy cleaning the kitchen. Wouldn’t you be a bit upset, hurt, and curious? Sure, I felt a little guilty standing there spying on him, but he is all I have, and I love him dearly. So, I think I have a right to find out what he is up to.

As I started to go around the bush to follow the path, I heard rustling and faint whining from inside the bush. Oh! How trashy can one be to meet in the park in a bush?

With both hands I spread the branches apart to peek in. You will never guess what I found!
He gently sat down that extra steak from our dinner close to her. I did not know he had taken that for I left the house without cleaning off the table.

She hungrily started eating and her two tiny puppies were now curling up next to her to sleep. She was a homeless little dog and looked like the same breed as my own. She clearly needed a home and a bath. And those puppies needed warmth and care.

He looked up at me with a guilty expression, then came over and put his front paws up on my knees as if he was asking for help. Well, what would you have done?

I took off my sweater and laid it down on the ground. When she had finished eating, I laid her and the puppies on the my sweater and bundled them up. He followed me closely all the way home, constantly looking up with a worried expression as I carried his family in my arms.

“Don’t you worry, my Sweetie,” I kept assuring him. “They will be fine. We will give them a home and keep them safe. They can stay with you and me in our home.”

After a nice bath, I dried her with a soft towel and gave her lots of hugs. Then I made his sleeping place in my bedroom larger for all four of them.

After a good night’s rest for all of us I fixed a warm breakfast of thinned down oatmeal for my new mommy pooch. She enjoyed the meal then lay down to let the puppies nurse. He ate his regular breakfast than sat down by her. He looked like a very proud father.

I gave the new family members names and felt so happy to have them with us. Then I called our veterinarian and made an appointment to have the mother and her puppies checked.

You really need to come over when you can to see my growing family. They are my whole world.


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