Another Drink – My Glass is Empty

My Glass is Empty

In trying to stretch the limits of my mind in my quest of creation, I stumbled upon a strange idea.  I tried to put myself in the shoes of a man who was on the edge.  This man drank heavily and was extremely paranoid.  He believed that someone or something was stalking him.  The more he drank, the more he felt it was closing in.  Every night he lived in complete fear that whatever it was would eventually get him.  It’s a terrifying and breakneck journey into the chaos and confusion of alcoholism.  He drinks to escape the demons, but never realizes that the demons are summoned by his drinking.

Another Drink

I hear the sound
Creeping death
I know it’s here
Trying to trick me
I must be misdirection
Whispering confusion
It’s all around
Inside my head
I can’t tell where
I’m not too sure
Another drink
My breath is heavy
Fear is rising
Eyes scanning
But the alcohol keeps playing tricks
Something’s there
But it’s not
I strain to see
Something’s looking at me
My glass is empty
Upstairs something’s moving
But no one’s here but me
Creaking floorboards
It’s not the wind
I know it’s not the wind
But, the damn creaking floorboards
Someone’s walking
And the door is open
I know it
I’m certain
I reach again
But the glass is empty
Just three short steps
A green bottle sits on the bar
But I cannot move
The sounds upstairs now owns me
How quickly I can move
How fast I can pour
And return
To my corner chair
My safe chair
Everything in front of me
I can hear my heart
Faster and faster
Out of control
But I’m frozen
Another sound
Crackling or cracking
Cupboards opening
But there’s no one home
No one but me
And then the footsteps
My glass is empty
And panic takes over
Rushing, pouring, running
Hands shaking
An earth shattering scraping
In my corner
My hands shake
Gin dripping from my lips
Wondering at the unholy sound
Drinking deeply
Breathing fast
Conjuring up the past
Projecting the future
And then another sound
Heavier footfalls
Coming closer
Another drink
Another drink
Another drink
My glass is empty
The footsteps are real
My fear exploding
My glass is empty
Lungs are screaming
Chest pounding
Louder and louder
Blood pumping
Heart thumping
My glass is empty
What is happening?
Vision dimming
Mind swimming
Losing light
Constant fright
My glass is empty
My sight dim
Where’s the gin?
Eyelids heavy
Footsteps coming
My glass is empty
I’m not ready
Can’t defend
Can’t comprehend
Chest tight
Frozen stare
Sight nowhere
My glass is empty
My mind is empty
Everything’s empty
Conscious fading
Muscles failing
Breathing weak
Cannot speak
My glass is falling
My body too

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3 thoughts on “Another Drink – My Glass is Empty

  • April 3, 2022 at 7:28 AM

    My gosh! This is so tense, making me hold my breath. The pace keeps building up till the terrifying end. The piece portrays the reality of the horrors of alcoholism. Well done, Ralph, well done.

  • April 4, 2022 at 11:45 AM

    I think the experiment worked! Intense throughout I could not stop reading until the end. Jamie

  • April 5, 2022 at 2:17 PM

    Wow! This piece hit home with me. Ralph, you have written the story of some in my life. You described in this piece my dad and older brother. Nothing, and I mean nothing good, has ever come from abusing alcohol. It has destroyed the lives of some many and the families of those that are the abusers.


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