Tax Time

It’s coming…

Tax time

Absolutely maddening

Can’t be stopped from happening

The ticking clock and passing days

We’re all rats trapped inside the maze

April 18th  is around the corner

Sometimes I wish I was a foreigner

A charging bull of massive proportions

The gangster so in love with extortion

Raging beast that shows no mercy

Makes our lives go topsy-turvy

A constant nagging always reminding

Each day statements keep arriving

Accountants counting

Fears are mounting

Your stomach churning

Throat is burning

Tax time is looming

It’s all consuming

Terms are flying

You feel like crying

Mortgage interest, common interest,

Wages, tips, and other funds

Business write-offs, personal deductions

Some allowed and others none

Numbers flashing, calculators calculating

Dollars, cents, and forms to sign

Carry forward, capital gains

Numbers on the bottom line

But the first hurdle is the worst hurdle

Almost brings your blood to curdle

Every year it’s the slowing gate

Your folder of receipts await

As you sort them out

You want to shout

Organize and categorize

Expenses here, credits there

Memory hesitation

Was this a donation?

Highlighted lines

Things combined

Ask yourself the age-old question

Pull your mind from this depression

Why don’t I ever organize?

Save myself this March surprise

A tidy ledger that lists it all

Every expense, both large and small

But you always say the same old thing

Then the thought just takes a wing

What seems to be a good solution

Flies away like a resolution

The clock is ticking, toes are tapping

Piles are building, no time for napping

As you record and write

It might take all night

1040 boxes checked

Expenses all connect

Gains and losses can be proved

Expenses all approved

There’s a stiffening of your spine

As you sign the bottom line

Filed with a little extra time

Now have a glass of wine

…or two

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