The World Could Use A Holiday…Plus: A Bonus Story

Dedicated to the “Black Friday”… (Craziness)

Happy Holidays: Inviting you to read and see what you think.

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We get so “wound-up” for a Holiday. By the time you have the perfect one all planned out…you could drop dead from exhaustion. People…please slow it down a notch…take a breather and enjoy life!

The World Could Use A Holiday…

                                                   “I had it first!”

Well, I’m going in to work…On this Holiday…

Could use some “time-off”…And could also use the pay.

Listening to the radio traffic report…switched from the usual freeways to traffic at the mall…

God…can’t the World take a break for one day…Turn down the tempo…We won’t stall!

Geez…the World is spinning at a fever pitch…

Some have already spun “out of control”…into the ditch.

But, we trudge along at 90 miles an hour…

We’d like to take a break today…just don’t seem to have the will-power.

“You can’t handle a Holiday!”…Should be the theme of each T.V. Commercial…

Somehow, I know…We can break this crazy “busy” addiction…with one short rehearsal.

You are opening when? For me to go and shop at your store…

You need a new prescription pill for reality…Yours isn’t working anymore!

I ain’t getting up that early…just so you can smile all the way to the Bank…

If you drop dead early from a heart attack…You’ll only have yourself to thank.

To open that early…You had to increase your discounts, ads, lighting, and Staffing…

Meanwhile, I’ll be nicely tucked into my bed…Hitting the Snooze on my Alarm Clock…and Laughing!

Knowing I didn’t run amuck for a deal… with the masses…

I don’t move so good at 4 am… It’s like my brain is full of molasses.

Some of us have been punching in and out on the ‘ol time clock…While staying on the job…

We’ve been zippin’ here to there…Trying to make a buck…And trying to keep up with the mob.

In Fact, …We’ve been staying so “dog-gone” busy and working so hard…

That we haven’t even stopped for one second…to enjoy our own back yard.

The little kids that we have around our home…

Have sprouted a few feet taller…on their way to being grown.

Those Folks that we have grown to both love and adore…

Well…We just don’t have the time to visit with them…like we use to before.

Our Pup that used to sit close by…Beside our favorite chair…

Looks back toward us with creaky bones…and lots of graying hair.

Our Bar BQ grill went out to the curb…’Cause it was all full…of rust…

We bought that thing to enjoy more “together” time out on the deck…with all of us.

Would’ve surely been great to grill after a dunk in our pool…during the last hot weather season…

That pool I worked a lot of hours to pay for…and bought to enjoy time with the kids…Was’nt that the reason?

Movie Character Col. Jessep’s Famous Quote: “You Can’t Handle the Truth!” You can add: “You Can’t Handle a Holiday!”…to that.
A Few Good Men (1992); Jack Nicholson as Col. Jessup

A Few Good Men (1992); Jack Nicholson as Col. Jessup


We Could All Use a Holiday…Just One Day…Would be OK…

It is not like we haven’t worked really hard…on every other day.

One day without the hustle and bustle…and one with a little added peace and quiet…

No making a “blitz rush” move for a deal on the main aisle…”End Around and Out”…ahead of the riot!

Sit down a while in your leather recliner that you’re still paying on…and watch another game…

Stop and listen to what each of your kids say to you…Can you remember each one’s name?

Check that guest and gift list one more time…Take a deep breath to decrease the anxiety…

Stop and take a break for a second…and enjoy yourself…take a “Pause” from the insanity.

You can have a great Holiday…without having everything perfectly in place…

What good does a Holiday do…if it can’t bring a smile to your face?

This World may crash in orbit…or gravity may lessen if we slow down its’ spin…

But…It won’t happen on this Holiday…You are free to live your life this day…once again.

We are not here on the planet to dogpile on top of each other for a discount price…

Or to stockpile everything we can get our hands on…and make sure that we have something of everything…twice!

Now…I ain’t here to preach…matter of fact…Poetry is more my thing…

Just asking everyone to slow down…Next time you’re at the mall…Listen to the caroler’s sing.

Go and take your neighbor a mug of hot cocoa and just talk…

Go and look at the Christmas lights along your street…get out of the car for once…and walk…

Make sugar cookies with your kids…or go outside with them and make a real or fake snowball…

Guarantee that will make a great photo op… that will stay forever framed upon your wall.

Holidays are special…Relax…the Holiday is approaching…You can’t do anything about that fact…anyway…

Take a moment…Count all your blessings…The World Could Use A Holiday!

"Kids making Sugar Cookies...With the Fam"
“Kids making Sugar Cookies…With the Family”
Looks like they found away for some of us Southerners to make Snowballs. Don't know anything about this...other then it looks fun!
Looks like they found away for some of us Southerners to make Snowballs. Don’t know anything about this…other then it looks fun!
"Go on and take a moment and have a cup of cocoa with a friend. You ain't workin' on anything that important...Enjoy the Holiday!"

“Go on and take a moment and have a cup of cocoa with a friend. You ain’t workin’ on anything that important…Enjoy the Holiday!”

Here’s a Bonus Story for the Holidays “A Tale of a Turkey named “Terry”; by my 9 year old Granddaughter:
(Hope you enjoy this tale as much as her Grandfather does!)

Dear Americans:

Please do not eat turkeys (Me!). People like to eat turkeys like me for Thanksgiving. Please have sympathy. How would you feel if turkeys chased you and ate you?

I’m going to tell you a story that happened to my fellow turkey friend. Her name is “Terry”. She got chased by Farmer Jerry. She was about to get STUFFED! Can you believe that?

 So rude. So please, don’t eat turkeys on Thanksgiving. Eat Ham. It tastes better. The End.


(Well done…Granddaughter!)


And to everyone out there in Poetry Reading Land:

Have a Great Holiday Thanksgiving and Christmas Season,

Humble Regards, Steve Walters (MPM)


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8 thoughts on “The World Could Use A Holiday…Plus: A Bonus Story

  • December 8, 2021 at 1:52 PM

    Definitely need to slow down and appreciate life, that is what the holidays really should be about, family and the precious time we have with them. Nice work.

    Also side note Ham is definitely way better than turkey, I agree with your granddaughter. Good work on her part too.

    • December 8, 2021 at 6:26 PM

      Ha! I’ll have to tell my granddaughter that you agree with…”Eat Ham”! She’ll love that! Paul…Yes, you’re right…Holidays should be about family, and the precious time we have with them. And they…should surely not be as stressful as one of your worst work days on the job. How did us “People” come to make Holidays…so unbelievably busy? I looked up the definition for Holiday…just now. Here it is: Holiday: a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done. Whoops…I mean sure there is a lot to do on a Holiday, but we sure aren’t following the definition very well. Thanks for reading and commenting on both writings. Happy Holiday Season to you!

  • December 8, 2021 at 5:25 PM

    “People…please slow it down a notch…take a breather and enjoy life!” Yes! I totally agree. I love the poem and your granddaughter’s story. Aren’t grandkids a blessing? Well done, Steve.

    • December 8, 2021 at 6:08 PM

      Grandkids are a blessing! I could tell by the way my granddaughter was telling us this story of hers…that she had made a great one. So proud of how she delivered her whole story. Thanks for reading this one and commenting, Phyllis. Hope you have a very Great Holiday Season. A Nice and Relaxed One…at that!

    • December 13, 2021 at 2:15 PM

      Thank you, Jamie. Happy Holidays to you! Thanks for reading this one and for commenting…especially on my Granddaughter’s contribution.

  • December 23, 2021 at 7:27 AM

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