To Gift A Blueberry Bush

To Gift A Blueberry Bush
To Gift A Blueberry Bush

To Gift A Blueberry Bush


To grow a Blueberry Bush

since you asked after your dream

provide Berries for picking

within your backyard.


Wild Blueberry settles

upon the land after fire

rules the land with privilege

rebirth and regrowth.


Our vitality tested

by last year and this year too

hopeful these Blueberries

aid recovery.


Bring youthfulness to body

a fitness found in mind too

desire behind this gift

Blueberries for you.


To press a Blueberry juice

upon your finger with seed

freshly picked from your new bush

to eternity.


This Bush my optimism

through your failures and through mine

you will be nourished again

with a peaceful life.



Each Berry a new future

refreshingly sweet morsel

that leaves a trail of blue stain

fingertip to mouth.


Gift this bush for solitude

daily watering routines

a need to be with ourselves

Blueberry ideas.


Harvest and take stock of life

baskets with fruit of spirit

filled with energy of Earth

after collection.


Blossom end five point star

perfect Calyx towards light

blue star Berries from the great

the divine unknown.


A Berry for the children

to randomly pluck at play

providing their nourishment

relieving hunger.


Know these Berries provide joy

five joys of Mother Mary

the five wounds of the sacred

a divine bounty.



To Gift a Blueberry Bush

end of worries and problems

a beginning filled with peace

good soil and water.


Time for your body and soul

to take a rest from pressure

the daily stressors of life

eat a Blueberry.


Share and don’t be sensitive

let your neighbors pick some too

learn to not react but share

every Berry.


When I pass this gift to you

these young potted Blueberry

bushes which I have grown fond

these moments with you.


With these Blueberries I wish

to move beyond my desire

to learn your gently contour

touch your brilliant dance.


With these Bushes I will love

and support you your whole life

provide daily nourishment

watch as our lives grow.

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