Recycled Seashells

Recycled Seashells
Recycled Seashells

Recycled Seashells


Smoke is thick near sullen waves

ash has fallen on the beach

collect imperfect seashells



Research ahead of time

help ones eye determine shape

specific color’s texture

for productive day


Low tide visible Mollusk

early morning before the sun

careful not to disturb nest

of baby Turtle


Weigh spiral shaped Gastropods

let the heavier ones live

keep the best of the empty

within our bucket


Exoskeleton as art

painted on by history

this Bearded Periwinkle

through many lost tides


Angulate Periwinkle

this Calcium for gardens

adorn home clay flowerpots

small lettered alive



This Pectin Ravinelli

Maculated Baby Ear

make Christmas Tree Ornaments

or Wedding Bouquet


An Imperial Venus

to create a royal print

from sea to ink pad paper

Shark Eye or Moon Snail


Elegant Dosinia

a trinket dish in bathroom

picture frame surrounded by

Gady Natica


A summer wreath hangs on door

made from scoured Paper Fig

Pear Whelk and Alphabet Cone

Jujube Top Shell


Yard lit by Slipper Shell lights

enjoy ice tea and late lunch

as the sun settles behind

Atlantic Bubble


Fill the dias of Florida

Sand Dollars and coins adorn

Shelves that hold variety

Florida Anger



Sometimes find forgiveness

sometimes light seashell candles

genuflect a wooden pew

Florida Cerith


Junania Jewelry

jewel box craft from gentle hand

Spring Jewel Box as well as Fall

some Sunrise Tellin


Container for utensils

for tools and for Angel’s Wings

slightly battered by Cat’s Paw

Calico Scallop


Furniture of Coquina

King’s Crown and Banded Tulip

a chair along with

Rose-Petal Tellin


This natural history

best seen when tide is low

a European pool of

Van Hyming’s Cockle


Home decor of True Tulip

Fighting Conch and Bleeding Tooth

rattle as windchime on porch

welcome day at sea

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