American Father

American Father
American Father



My father raised me an American

since he was raised by wheat field and by sea

family immigrants from Germany

who watched as he rode off to find a plan.

From High School he attended Madison

worked for a Physical Education

to teach the children finding foundation

with a Bachelors Degree on how to run.

With tired face comes home from daily race

carrying his pain for ones he left at home

and never finished University.

After my birth he found a different pace

he saved one trip a year for him to roam

on motorcycle to forget Navy.


To listen to these songs of my Father

these songs of man who searched upon the road

what freedom meant for him that carried load

a lesson on becoming life’s author.

For many years let freedom take the reigns

once lost in alcohol and gambling

sometimes our freedom seems bit confusing

when constantly cutting against the grains.

Yet over time he chose solemn return

to commitment he made to build a home

for wife and child he moved into desert.

Through drunkenness he thought he’d never learn

he saved one trip a year for him to roam

to ponder redemption, provide unhurt.


What scares me most another profound change

is rolling on the train tracks through the town

as son I cannot interpret his frown

the look when cattle is put out to range.

An interesting narrative is told

when current memory is nostalgia

my anger lost within his dementia

for now we find ourselves sullen and old.

So much in darkness and so much in light

his life a lesson on America

he raised his son by wheat field and by sea.

A home once built around a constant fight

a blues song played on one harmonica

with lessons from the road and the Navy.

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