Hardly Spring Straight to Summer

Hardly Spring Straight to Summer
Hardly Spring Straight to Summer

Hardly Spring Straight to Summer

A Collection of Seasonal Limericks


Here’s some limerick to celebrate

that this season is all up to fate

there’s fun in mystery

change what’s customary

either way there’ll be food on our plate.


There is an old man in the Summer

whose white legs were Summer newcomer

his first day in his shorts

with black socks out of sorts

low waistline similar to plumber.


There is an old man whose named Smitty

who loved long walks around his city

though he walks with walker

he will meet each talker

he hears gossip and all the gritty.


There is an old lady named Rosie

every Sunday she’d wear a Posie

in her hair with her dress

where at church they would bless

then gather around her tea cozy.


In contrast there is a young lady

who wears summer clothes on the daily

with hope there will be heat

when Spring and Summer meet

to wear flowers and show off daisy.




There is a young brother and sister

who thought summer sun a tongue twister

start running through sprinklers

start hot evening twinklers

or hover in their neighbors mister.


They say never bring out Tomato

until snow melts off Peavine and flow

every year I am bold

never do what I’m told

my Tomatoes have no chance to grow.


If the heat wilts the Blueberry bush

when the sun seems to want to ambush

all my Spring gardens plans

as we hide behind fans

when Summer relieves Spring with a push.


There is hope that this Summer will bring

many Vegetables planted in Spring

but this Spring passed quickly

a chorus of Dixie

and the season is lost as we sing.


Was there even a Springtime this year?

Immediately in Summer gear

start thinking about beach

the closest one to reach

to jump into water without fear.

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