Spammer, Scammer Everywhere

There’s a spammer here and a scammer there

Assaulting our website, and they just don’t care

Trying tricks and acting slick

Just hoping for a lock to pick

An inside path, an open door

The opportunity to start a war

Pouring honey potion into our ears

Or trying to capitalize on our greatest fears

Simple methods and the flattery

Until they find that weakened artery

Where the wall is thin,  and they can get in

Then the knives come out

We scream and shout

As our years of work go down in flames

Poetry spinning down the drain

We have a back-up but is it enough?

Will it be able to save our stuff?

Spyware, malware, and ticking bombs

Lulled to sleep and then poof, it’s gone

The spammer handbook is full of tricks

Waves of problems too hard to fix

The log-in screen the main objective

It’s now disabled, and ineffective

Can’t wait to upload their malicious code

Or slow and tiny chipping

Through cross-site scripting

Maybe phishing or spoofing

It’s all so confusing

When a well written comment

And a willing respondent

Create a false paradigm

Then shift it to crime

Every trick recorded

Tried then aborted

When nothing else works

They bring out the fireworks

Brute force attacking, denial of service

A last-ditch attempt to open a crevice

Don’t be a patsy, and keep things secure

Never answer a comment, unless you are sure

Don’t fall for the praise; it’s all in vain

An integral part of the scammer campaign

Why Do Scammers Attack the Comment Sections of Blogs?

It seems odd to many of us that anyone would waste their time spamming a blog or non-monetized website.  After all, there is nothing to steal, not usually much intellectual property, and certainly no pipeline to a big company.  The answer is simple – it was for the link.  When a spammer can post a link in the comments of a popular article, they have a high likelihood of getting traffic.  And since in our modern age, search engines give higher ratings to sites with many links, it helps their SEO.  What started out as a potentially good idea has went downhill quickly.  What we see now are shady SEO people, link-builders, affiliate promoters, self-promoters, and other nefarious characters fill blogging site comment areas with links no one wants.  These include foreign websites who want to steal written content, pornography, sites selling counterfeit purses, shoes, and other high-end products, and worse.

I wrote this because this very website, has been under assault for about 6 months by spammers.  It’s only through disciplined practices and tight security that we’ve managed to avoid any real damage.  If you are a blogger or webmaster, pay attention to what is being posted in your comment sections.



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3 thoughts on “Spammer, Scammer Everywhere

  • November 12, 2020 at 9:18 AM

    Thanks for writing this Ralph. I was betting lots of notifications about spam comments until a couple of weeks ago. They seem to have dropped off recently. Hopefully that continues.


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