The Wren and The Airplane

The Wren
The Wren and the Airplane

The Wren and The Airplane


Where sunshine replaced dull grey of the smoke

the blue of sky now covers my canvas

I lace my shoes to walk my daily mass

my feet this sunshine finally awoke.

While sauntering on sidewalk near warehouse

across from where I spotted a new trail

where feet will lift and fall without a fail

the disruption I bring scares lonely grouse.

An exercise in observation here

a chance to see the world I call my home

when notice by my side the same old Wren.

This songbird seems to follow without fear

I walk into the military zone

it sings you need to “change it up” again.


I stop to drink, the Wren flies up ahead

to branch of tree a few trees down the path

to sit and wait while I figure the math

behind the music and what lyrics said.

“You repeat the same old line” says the bird

as I walk closer to small airport

open entrance to military Fort

where only motors from small planes are heard.

“Some creative energy is needed,”

the wren still sings as its flies nearby

“you may of lost your spark my dearest friend.”

Solemnly walk to where the Wren seated

ignored the fact the Wren knows how to fly

“are you the Wren I talked to last weekend?”


“Now let us write a happy tale I’m tired

of smoke and mirrors I just need the truth,”

I tell the Wren as I show every tooth

a nearby motor recently is fired.

I think I see the Wren just shake its head

from side to side as if he’s listening

his song takes classical conditioning

I wish I knew the words his song had said.

“Your language, dull and broken, still and dead,”

it flies elongated route round the bend,

“for goodness sake take plunge to know your soul.”

“I wish I had a treat so you are fed,”

I feel this walk onto the base will mend

a little chance at joy is my end goal.


As we approach the top of hill a plane

flies overhead, so close I feel its touch,

it moves to sky as if its in a rush

to burn its fuel and feel the high octane.

After the sonic boom I notice then

the silence of an empty sky nearby

an emptiness that forces me to sigh

and hope the next long walk will bring the Wren.

Though swallowed whole by Romantic ideals

realize that my poems are just walks

not modern masterpieces for the time.

Remain clueless to what the Wren appeals

I never really listen to our talks

and spend more thought on every silly rhyme.

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