A Day At The Park With The Grandparents

Day At Park With Grandparents
A Day In The Park With The Grandparents

A Day In The Park With The Grandparents


My family puts on our masks

journeys into a thick smoke

heading to Grandparents town

overdue meeting


pile into our minivan

along with our bikes and boards

our stories to tell Grandma

still fresh on our lips


sky surrounding us light brown

darkened by a background grey

smoke from a world now on fire

hard to see today


though our eyes sting with smoke

our lungs heave with every breath

act as if a normal day

make the drive for hugs


after trek through memory lane

we arrive in my home town

gather masked within the haze

children let off steam


we sit at picnic table

still in our masked silence

teenager talks with Grandpa

there’s a lot to say



The seven year old of group

wants to feed the Geese and Ducks

stale bread from our backpacks

tired of playground


daughter rides her skateboard around

as we travel to park pond

the Geese waddle from behind

youngest drops some crumbs


once at pond we sit again

smoke filtered through tree cover

a few elderly women

masked for a Birthday


lone figure on bench nearby

reading novel over mask

casually glancing at feet

as teen continues


to tell his Grandparents tales

youngest starts to chase some geese

daughter pulls on father’s sleeve

she wants company


Ducks seem to have disappeared

probably not a sickness

or smoke from deadly fires

just a family walk



Father talks to Grandparents

about education concerns

a system that may collapse

many decisions


need to be made on this day

Grandma decides to teach too

she will travel twice a week

get kids through lessons


father cries about this choice

such a sacrifice is made

such a risk she takes for love

a deep human need


Grandparents buy us ice cream

for a moment take off masks

enjoy simple pleasures

the kids full of smiles


after sweet treat say goodbye

hug though not recommended

share how much we love these days

through all this thick smoke


days at the park with Grandma

days at the park with Grandpa

times we ride our bikes and boards

remember these days


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