To Take My Friend on an Imaginary Drive

Imaginary Drive
An Imaginary Drive

To Take My Friend on an Imaginary Drive

1.) A Drive a Day

Which vehicle do you prefer, the truck,

or maybe sporty type with open roof,

to lead you to your seat, I love the proof

of evening with hopes we’ll be moonstruck.

Or maybe I pull into morning time,

to barrel down a country road at dawn,

to drive until our worries are all gone

and forget vicitims of this heinous crime.

The window rolled to let the wind roam free

through hands and hair and thoughts that need release,

I dream of driving you across this land.

Behind the wheel, central velocity,

to drive and drive until our troubles cease,

your home in wooded hills to desert sand.

2.) Always a Good Time For a Drive

The bravery of all the beautiful

romantic rides to take along the shore

on cliffs above the waves, who asks for more,

a weekend drive that’s proven bountiful.

When Lawrence opens up “Women in Love”

the couple loads their chairs and picnic food

to fight the wind in Pine tree wood, the mood

is set from moving clouds that speed above.

Today I drive you to your deepest dream

I beg you let me take the wheel awhile

and bring some travel to your smile today.

We move as quickly as a summer stream

to disassociate with every mile

and create memories of us that stay.

3.) A Drive Through Imagination

The hairpin curves of Kingsbury Grade wait

for us to ride onto the mountainside,

the mountain air will dry the tears we cried,

we reach the peak and think about our fate.

To stare out over Tahoe from the peak

of Sugarpine that reaches towards the gleam

refraction from the water at its seam

the blue sky footprints of the world we seek.

Be warned that I will drive through woods for hours

until the setting sun tells me to stop

and cleansed of worry we relax our fists.

With luck we will encounter May showers

that pound the windshield wipers as they mop

we must push on to conquer life’s long lists.

4.)  The Wind in Your Hair

Or maybe we will drive into desert,

my favorite three-hundred mile dry lake bed,

where we can run naked on earth instead

and spend the night in hardened red clay Yurt.

Why not respect our lifestyles on this trip

and share beliefs with drawings on black rock

each mile should be our celebration walk

up to a stream to take another sip.

I wish to drive these roads and share with you

the joy I’ve felt with wind upon my hair

the many miles of green America.

The window rolled to let the wind roam free

through hands and hair and thoughts that need release

I dream of driving you across this land.

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2 thoughts on “To Take My Friend on an Imaginary Drive

  • June 4, 2020 at 11:09 PM

    The imagination is a wonderful tool for all kinds of wonderful things. There is nothing we cannot do when one allows their imagination to be set free. Great work, Jamie.


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