From Crestline to The Lake Tahoe Basin

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe

From Crestline to The Lake Tahoe Basin


I.  Crestline


Born in coastal town

his mother wanted mountains

raised on crest of wind

near peak where pine trees flourished

squirrels skittered through his days.


Catacombs in back

dug by a boy with shovel

his dog at his side

small holes covered with plywood

where boy would hide from the world.


Memories of porch

quiet times to stand above

dried brown pine needles

raked into piles by a fence

detritus fuel for a fire.


Waiting for the bus

an impenetrable child

who barely noticed

other children calling names

to snicker and push and point.


A joy in learning

ideas to daydream about

children only hurt

everyday of his life

there is no pain in our dreams.


II.  From Mountaintop to Mountaintop

These sturdy mountains

held him and his mother safe

from boulders of words

from violence of people

who seem to need to cause pain.


Concrete takes my eyes to feet

I shuffle from job to job

searching for a place

Mom I am quiet like you

as I search for a mountain.


Weekends I saunter

like Thoreau around his pond

water foliage

some things live and some things die

some things simply fade away.


Passage through these rocks

found at the foothills of life

a quick climb over

once again in Pinion Pine

on the mountains of my youth.


My dog at my side

as I traverse trails I’ve known

towards waterfalls

or cliff face with shale foot

boulders by a pond.


III.  Lake Tahoe


Childhood in Crestline

pollution from the valley

creates ring of smog

hugs the mountain as we climb

harm ability to breath.


Drive to the valley

every Saturday for shots

to clear childhood lungs

to be free from pollution

is there a place we can breath?


Our carbon footprint

left imprinted on my chest

struggle to inhale

as we sat on mountaintops

then we found the Sierras.


The dream of John Muir

the beauty of our country

our nobility

a cliff face overlooking

deep miles of virgin valley.


Solemn legacy

our gift to struggling man

these vast grand canyons

miles and miles of mountain lake

from Crestline to Lake Tahoe.


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