A Drawing Tutorial On Portraiture

A Drawing Tutorial in Portraiture

A Drawing Tutorial in Portraiture

1.  A Drawing Tutorial

With pencil I will learn your portraiture

to realize the world starts with outline

so thoughtfully drawn with pencil tip fine

when creation is our nomenclature.

So much will depend on the tone I set

from hours of practice shading simple spheres

and watch each cross hatch as your form appears

to draw each detail without any regret.

I remember your smile from straight-on view

your deeper contours of experience

the smallest scar near cleft of perfect chin.

When out of drawing yourself grew and grew

the muscle in your neck seemed tense

your smile became a wide devious grin.


Sometimes you must sell your home and move

these time of crisis find me drawing “eyes”

in quiet times when I erase my sighs

my only hope and need is to improve.

Your jaw a page in anatomy text

the curvature of bone to orbital

these eyes complexity is pivotal

with perfect shading to display your “vexed.”

To sit for hours and work on perfect tone,

eraser in my hand for easy fix,

to hold this picture of you in my mind.

Though distracted I draw, mostly alone,

except for various gray charcoal sticks,

what treasures in your cheekbones I will find.

2.  A Drawing of Her Face

Only by drawing features by themselves

to start with nose and draw lash one by one

with precision as if your under the gun

a stack of failures litter empty shelves.

Your drawing has become reality

at this moment I am lost in dimple

these contours of a life are not simple

to draw with discipline and no pity.

Muscle memory embedded in forehead

where canyon formed in brow with every fight

or lowered lid when weeping toward sky.

These moments will refresh themselves near bed

where drawing table rests your second sight

this pencil gives me chance to really try.


With pencil blend your darkness and your light

a daily practice as if you are here

and when I finish I will have no fear

some perfection to make everything right.

Our worlds are now a universe apart

these changing times have left a deep impact

your presence in my mind will help redact

each drawing prayer for a fresh new start.

So quietly I pass away these hours

with focused light this drawing finds a home

among the others in my collection.

In time I will examine spring flowers,

for now your features provide space to roam,

for now I must continue until done.

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