Connor’s Saga by Kurt James

Connor’s Saga by Kurt James

Connor’s Saga by Kurt James is now available in print or download.

Scottish bandit Alistair McPherson and his brother Alban known as the Highlanders throughout the Rocky Mountain frontier kidnapped a young 10-year-old girl named Connor O’Brien for ransom from Alma, Colorado. Conner’s wealthy grandfather Finn O’Brien on her father’s side owned and operated the London and Mosquito gold mines and was more than willing to pay the $100,000 ransom. What the Highlanders did not know was that Conner’s grandfather on her mother’s side was the famous Federal Marshal Eric Robert.

Eric Robert after hearing of his granddaughter whom he had never meet was kidnapped saddled his mare Gypsy and headed into the mountains to take back Conner from those that had inflicted harm on her and her folks. Knowing this mission was not one for the law, but that of a grandfather that needed to right a wrong done on his family he left his badge behind in Denver. The Highlanders and their gang that totaled twelve outlaws were waiting at the mouth of Phantom Canyon south of Victor, Colorado for the $100,000 in exchange for the young Connors’ life. What Alistair McPherson and his brother Alban could not have known was that the ransom would not be paid in gold or cash, but with lead and blood. Eric Robert knew he probably would not live through the encounter with the Scottish outlaws Eric Robert sought the only man that could help him. Matt Lee the famous aging mountain man who had once been a foe of the Marshal, but never his enemy decided to help his old adversary in an all-or-nothing attempt to rescue Conner O’Brien. Follow Eric Robert, Matt Lee, and the yellow-eyed wolf Timber as they ride the trails below timberline across the Rocky Mountains to bring justice to those that have it coming and to bring Conner back home safely.

What folks are saying of Connor’s Saga:

Jeffrey – 5 STAR – Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2020
Format: Kindle Edition –Verified Purchase
Connor’s Saga story brings Rocky Mountain old west to life. Making you feel like you’re on the trails with the characters in the book.
Dan M. – 5 STARS –  Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2020
Format: Paperback – Verified Purchase
Connor’s Saga is another great novel in the Rocky Mountain series. Kurt James is a master at drawing the reader into the story. His style of writing is like watching a 3D movie with the glasses on. It makes you feel like you are actually right there and part of the action. As with his other novels this one is full of the history of the Rocky Mountains. I highly recommend this and all the rest of Kurt James’s novels. you won’t be disappointed.

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Kurt James is currently working on his 7th novel the follow up book to his best selling “The Daunting – Grand County Book 1”

When her latest song went number one in 1977 on the country charts 26- year-old Laney McKay went home to Grand County, Colorado in the autumn to relax in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains to prepare for her upcoming United States tour the following summer. Laney basking in her new fame and fortune just wanted some alone time in the mountain mist and the quaking aspens to write her songs and reclaim the person she was before the music changed her life. She vanished in October.

Once again follow Undersheriff Dane Lee and Deputy Nickey Lynn as they search the towns of Grand Lake, Granby, Kremling, Parachute, and Hot Sulphur Springs of Grand County for the elusive and now famous songstress. In their quest to find if Laney is dead or alive takes them into the remote wilderness above and below timberline of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Dane and Nickey will encounter the worse that high country has to offer; they will battle the weather, altitude, mountain outlaws, and even spirits of the Ute Indians that still haunt these mountains of old.


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Kurt James

Kurt James was born and raised in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Kurt’s family roots were from western Kansas and having lived in South Dakota for 20 years, Kurt naturally had become an old western and nature enthusiast. Over the years Kurt has become one of Colorado’s prominent nature photographers through his brand name of Midnight Wind Photography. The Denver Post, PM Magazine, and 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado featured his poetry. Kurt is also a feature writer for HubPages and Creative Exiles with the article’s focused on Colorado history, ghost towns, outlaws, and poetry. Inspired at a young age by writers such as Jack London, Louis L’Amour, and Max Brand have formed Kurt’s natural ability as a storyteller. Kurt has published 16 books all based in and around the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Using the Midnight Wind Publishing brand, Kurt James novels, short stories, reference books, and poetry, are available in print or download on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and other fine bookstores. And a few shady bookstores as well. Kurt has 3 books that he is currently writing. The 8th book in his Rocky Mountain Series - Raphael Eye for an Eye. His third ghost town reference book, Kansas Ghost Towns, Hauntings, Treasure Tales, and Other BS. And a western/horror novel - Devil’s Tower Spirit of Chiha Tanka. Kurt is a proud member of Western Writers of America.

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