Winter Catches Us Unawares

Winter Catches Us Unawares
Winter Catches Us Unawares

Winter Catches Us Unawares


The sky has turned white

as the soft feather of dove

this snow on the ground.


Patches of frozen

reflect sunlight through the snow

bright in the dull grey.


Dangerous beauty

created from thick morning mist

without fear I stand.


This winter weather

hike through miles of  frozen ground

no warmth to be seen.


Though the snow has stopped

the sky remains overcast

I try to keep pace.


My footprints remain

through the snow and the mud

of a thawing earth.


Silence from snowflakes

sound lost in unique design

winter’s quiet Peace.


I did not prepare

with Fall’s outspoken warning

confronted with cold.


Winter Caught Us Unawares
This season holds weight…


Winter sun still shines

a moment of colors rise

somewhere behind clouds.


Still living in Spring

lost to cold reality

woken abruptly.


Another season

another year to grow old

in the cold morning.


Left bird seed on porch

so many confused travelers

in need of some food.


These lost winter birds

gathering whatever feed

left on winter snow.


A giant stag stands

in the forceful wind of dreams

he beckons to me.


I reach for my warmth

fight back a strong desire

to give in to cold.


My eyes are blinded

from beauty for the first time

to turn into ice.



Hungry coyote

cry their song to the grey sky

to scavenge for life.


Snow has turned to ice

rattles Earth as if a drum

provides me rhythm.


A white distraction

purpose to move into cold

to lace winter boots.


Connect with silence

found within crystal snowflakes

to learn to listen.


To think of each move

to search for the least tiresome

route through the winter.



Up where the red breasts

of a few Robins on bare

branches of tree tops.


They gather by threes

with large spaces between them

struggle to stay warm.


The only life seen

to move in this neighborhood

on these wintry days.


Forced into a plan

one walks under blue and grey

still skies with a chill.


Our wishes frozen

within the cloud of our breath

as we simply live.


This season holds weight

within the wet snow and ice

a weight on my heart.

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