Another Year Gone By – A New Year’s Poem

Tick-tock goes the clock

Seconds passing, no relaxing

Another chime from Father Time

Never slowing, just steady going

It’s almost here, after Christmas cheer

Feeling hearty, time to party

Drinks are flowing, faces glowing

Lots of dancing, some romancing

Glasses clinking, wishful thinking

We all believe on New Year’s Eve

A dropping ball, a countdown call

3,2,1 and tremendous fun

Auld Lang Syne while drinking wine

Pass out toys that make some noise

Throw confetti; it looks quite pretty

Music plays of long past days

People sniffing, others kissing

Happy tears of another year

Memories become accessories

Filed away for another day

Pour more drinks until someone blinks

Celebrate until it gets too late

Then off to bed with a pounding head

Without delay come’s New Year’s Day

A day of reflection; some new direction

Change some habits, change your status

Swear off sweets, save receipts

Save some cash, clear out the trash

Lose some weight; wouldn’t that be great

Say your prayers try not to swear

Grab a broom and clean your room

Get more sleep, don’t be a creep

Write a letter, the thought is better

Get off-line, spend quality time

Have a lighter touch and don’t drink too much

Cut out smoking and no more loafing

Step off the ledge and make a pledge

Those resolutions; short term solutions

Most won’t last as the weeks go past

Clear your head, then decide instead

Try something new, something not for you

Don’t be a fighter, but try to be nicer

Forget your spite and just be polite

Forgive your enemies, give to charity

Smile more often, take up walking

Take time for nature, embrace your savior

Play in the mud, donate blood

Help a neighbor, donate your labor

Read more books, learn to cook

Open your door and help the poor

Replace bigotry with chivalry

Act brilliantly instead of miserably

Let love be your guide, before you decide

With an open heart, make a brand new start

Keep rehearsing to be a better person!

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