Halloween Limericks From An American Halloween 2019

A change of season
Limericks for a change of season or spooky campfire stories…

Halloween Limericks 2019

1.) Boo Limericks

There was a young girl from Kentucky

thought Vampires and Werewolves yucky

every year a princess

her Halloween excess

the neighbors all thought she was plucky.


There was a young lady from Texas

who scared of witches in black masses

she would not Trick or Treat

due to strangers she’d meet

so instead she would sit on the grass.

2.) Witching Hour Limericks


There’s a charming young lady named Ann

would dress up as a grumpy old man

give old ladies the fright

every Halloween night

knowing that only their husbands can.


There was a young boy from New Hampshire

who sang in the neighborhood church choir

in October he’d moan

in a deep ghostly groan

a Haunted House fright that will not tire.

3.) Trick-or-Treat


There was a young fellow name Blaine

would do anything to avoid pain

went headless each year

a promotor of fear

a costume that seemed against his grain.


There once a was kiddie who we found,

his Mummy costume was tightly bound,

he could hardly catch breath

while playing living death

with Trick-or-Treat candy by the pound.

Halloween Limericks
You will forget the fear the more you giggle….

4.) Monster Limericks


Meet Elmer, young son of the Jones,

felt desire to collect bleached bones

to build a skeleton

on his porch just for fun

in his yard anonymous grave stones.


There was a young man from the suburbs

who wanted all candy in cupboards

so he put on a mask

and set out on his task

with his bag amongst monsters in herds.

5.) Jack-O-Lanterns


There once was a joker from New York

on Halloween he’d dress as a stork

around young couples home

he would just roam and roam

his one unexplainable quirk.


Once A nervous young fellow named Fred

who hid all of his candy in bed

he’d say “Take my Brother

or maybe my sister!”

To an army of the walking dead.

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween!

An American Halloween


As weather worsens we discuss costumes

or how old witches fly with their brooms


When morning frost begins to numb toes

a change of seasons thirteen blows.


When spooky campfire stories fill our nights

with monsters we remember and their frights.


Halloween poems by Jamie Lee Hamann:



More poems for Halloween by John Hansen:



And Some Spooky Stories by Phyllis Doyle Burns:



Stick around for more Halloween Treats as we move into October.


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