Space Kiss (Part Two)

Space Kiss
Among the universe..

Space Kiss (Part Two)

An Introductory Remark to Space Kiss (Part Two)

Here are the links to the introduction of this series of Science Fiction short stories along with the link to Space Kiss Part One:



1.) The Kiss of Harmony

Major Aio looked around to make sure everyone had tea in hand and received their fair share.  He laughed at how polite everything had become as he moved into a nearby room.  Through an open doorway he noticed a room full of Tetchkin young women.  As a consequence he casually stood next to a darker blue skinned girl by the doorway.

“Very inappropriate!”  She told Aio and walked away quickly into a crowd of girls.  Thus Aio started to believe that Lt. Bogran’s intuition was correct.

First music played.  Second a slow steady beat filled the room with a pulsation of sound.  From a whisper of harmony one note melted into the next.  Vibration seemed to start at the blue feet of the Tetchkin girls and moved up through them.  Color changed with the music.  Because they held hands a wave of violet rolled from one end of the room to the other.  Lt.  Bogran stumbled into the room and laughed a deep belly laugh Aio never heard before.  Lt. Bogran then roamed into the girls and they allowed him to hold their hands.

“Magnificence.” Bogran cried to the ceiling.


Thoughts lingered on the rejection from the first girl met.  Soon this rejection mixed with thoughts on how Bogran fit right in and he did not.  Therefore he felt very self aware.  He lingered on his scruffy beard and how out of place he must seem.

General Rabok entered the room, walked up to Lt. Borgran, and asked if he wanted to play games in the other room.  Lt. Bogran smile, bowed at the girls and followed.   Aio watched the two leave the room and even though he was upset they did not ask him he trailed behind.

2.) A Kiss in the Dark

They walked through another room where a few Tetchkins slept on pillows in what looked like a great hall.  The hall was filled with tables where Tetchkins played a card game where a holograph leapt into the air as each card was placed on the table.  General Rabok began to show Lt. Bogran how to play and Aio stood above to watch with little interest.  Once the game was understood the two took a serious tone as strategy burst into their streams of consciousness.

Aio needed to walk so he left the table.  How to get back to the first room they entered?  He walked through the room with the sleeping Tetchkins and was confident when he turned down a hallway.  Would this hallway logically lead him to the others.  Disoriented, he opened a door into a dark room.  He stood perfectly still until he was able to collect himself.


“I have been waiting for this all night.”  A woman’s voice whispered in his ear as he felt soft arms wrap around his neck.  Her warm breath touched his lips before her lips.  A long and passionate kiss seemed to collect and release all of Aio’s negative energy.  He felt empty, happy, and calm for the first time since he joined the Galactic Armada.  Then as quickly as the kiss started it stopped and he was once again alone in the dark.

“She must have noticed my beard,” he thought.  He immediately began to create scenario’s in his head as he found the exit to the room and stumbled back out into the hall.  A Tetchkin woman waited for her lover and he was mistaken for someone else.  This seemed the most reasonable explanation.  What if that was the girl from the dancing room who found she had feelings for him after all?  Of course that could not be true but what if?

3.) The Kiss of War

“I have found you! Please let’s gather it is time we say goodbye.”  General Rabok appeared abruptly in the hallway and addressed Major Aio directly and led Aio back to the main room. Eighteen officers stood in a group sharing stories about their evening and smiling.  General Rabok introduced his wife who told the officers how wonderful the visit was but the time had come for them to say goodbye.  Aio looked at General Rabok’s wife.  Could she be the one who kissed him?

On the shuttle ride back up through the atmosphere Aio created scenario’s with all the different Tetchkin women he encountered.  Just the shuttle  trip to their ship and he kissed over a dozen different Tetchkin women.  Soon the shuttle landed and the officers stumbled back to their posts where they found their beds and slept.  Each one dreamt amazing dreams of singing and dancing on the colorful world they visited.


After a long rest a wormhole opened and the battleships instantly disappeared fromt their place next to a Tetchkin Space Station.  The battleships arrived directly at the front lines where the intergalactic war had reached a boiling point.  Within hours all eighteen of the officers were engaged in sending thousands of dog fighters into space to die.  Each platoon of dog fighters deploying appropriate defensive maneuvers.

During a break in battle Aio sat for a quick meal with Lt. Bogran.  He told Lt. Bogran about the kiss.

“That woman must of been a lunatic!” Lt. Bogran claimed as he ate.

“You are right, a lunatic.”

Shortly after their meals both men found themselves on the bridge.  Their bridge took large amounts of damage and a fire started near the bay doors.  Major Aio noticed the fire and knew that a deadly explosion was next so he quickly glanced outside into stars.

“At least there was the kiss.”  As empty space filled with flame, shrapnel, and death.

Jamie Lee Hamann

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I have a passion for writing short fiction and poetry.I currently live in Washoe Valley NV with my family.I am excited to share my poetry and my writing and I hope that you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

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Jamie Lee Hamann

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I have a passion for writing short fiction and poetry. I currently live in Washoe Valley NV with my family. I am excited to share my poetry and my writing and I hope that you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

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