Breakup…words unsaid, the deed done

Breakup, words unsaid …

lost love

Love is never certain and change can bring heartache, but betrayal can come in many forms and be soured further in the eyes of love. The cold act of breaking a heart can be kind but then sometimes, it is not…

Wilful tears squeezed apologetically
through raining grey glistening eyes,
hair meshed in a strangled sigh
as swallows caught like flotsam upon a grate, ached,
and her brow gravity bound
as creased her forehead in dour folds,
held back those words unsaid.

Mascara eyes in shredded black
like a crow’s back, yield to emotive rise
but still, no words to sympathise,
just regret spelled in capital strokes,
evoke the pain inside,
as time whittles away her betrayal,
uttered in sharp tones of silence.

He sat blank-faced,
heart braced for a sharp and scraping sacrifice,
as she emoted her decisive regret
in turbulence and sweat, yet met
with sour consequence, broken
in the descent of her decision,
her wordless pirouette.

He rose to walk away,
and she in feigned outreach sighed,
as if she could say no more,
the dark clouds about her suddenly turning white,
the rain abating as a deep breath
overthrew the blight,
and the job was done.

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