Never in Her Wildest Dreams

She never thought,

in her wildest dreams,

that she would find –

a love till the end of time.

Love had not always been kind

and she had been hurt,

burned so many times,

that love was no friend

and her heart –

was battered and bruised.

Then came the day,

when this new man,

came her way.

He was like a bright summer day,

that took all the sorrow away.

With time they learned,

to be the best of friends,

but never in her wildest dreams,

did she think that it would be,

a true love –

that had finally come her way.

When they were apart,

he was always in her heart,

when they were together,

she found herself breathless –

hanging onto every word.

They found themselves,

walking hand in hand,

kisses shared,

hearts pounding like bass drums.

Never in her wildest dreams,

did she think they’d fall in love,

the day he took her hand

and softly told her,

that she was the dream,

he’d longed for –

that she was the one he loved.

She felt her eyes fill with tears,

as she softly replied –

that she loved him too.

They were like two ships,

that had been tossed by a storm,

finally finding safe haven,

in each other’s arms.

Finding their way to love,

as if drawn by the bright rays of a lighthouse –

never in their wildest dreams.


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Rasma Raisters

I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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