A Dedication To Running

When running to peaks for the sake of a good run…

A Dedication to Running


Running towards peaks

for the sake of a good run

to sweat off poisons.


Legs as pendulums

release energy with stride

beauty of good form.


Our springy tendons

muscle elasticity

while taking a jog.


At least we have legs

or just a human desire

for forward movement.

To wake in morning

to run to the rising sun

feel the chill fresh air.


Allowing humans

to move rapidly on foot

this gait in the air.


Time for a quick sprint

a variety of speeds

run like ancestors.


A distance to go

with a short time to get there

no ride on the road.

To run in a race

worlds most accessible sport

upright on two legs.


Feel a runner’s high

outside in fresh air again

a euphoric state.


Run in woods barefoot

on rocky trail within greener

fresher, cleaner air.


At times to lose breath

from the run or the vast views

these shoes hold mileage.

At times to lose breath from the run…


Along with each breath

an expansion of my chest

in nose and out mouth.


I have been lucky

multiple roads to run on

leading to mountains.


Endurance running

to out run and exhaust prey

whenever we chased our food.


But make sure you stretch

stretch each muscle till limber

then get up and go!


One foot then the next

into an oblivion

hard concentration.


I examine homes,

one day I will run farther,

return to my porch.


Our running nature

the way of the moon and the stars

movement of seasons.


Within a mid stance

lies one second of our lives

as we move along.

Your knee joints absorbing impact and keeping pace…


At the Olympics

athletic ability

or a marathon.


As your hip joint swirls

your knee joint keeping the pace

absorbing impact.


I feel my sweat pool

to stretch out my leg muscles

just a few more yards.


I hear the morning dogs

mix with my excited beat

of my feet and heart.


To running fingers

over the pages of books

to run the numbers.


Wear my running shoes

to pace suburban sidewalks

quiet concrete miles.


Down to stance and swing

to a moments propulsion

through our energy.


When the plantar hits

on the pavement or the ground

a strike of your foot.


Jamie Lee Hamann
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Jamie Lee Hamann

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I have a passion for writing short fiction and poetry. I started writing for TCE around 2015 and since then I have finished seven collections of poetry and plans for more. I currently live in Lemmon Valley NV with my family. If you desire to find my other work on the internet feel free to stop by my website simplepoetics.weebly.com. The website offers articles on poetry, poems, and links to all my other writing.

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