Inspirational Quotes


Inspirational quotes

Just a collection of words on a page

Ideas that were dreamed up by dreamers

Thoughts written down by thinkers

Quotes from a moment lived in the moment

A single frame of someone else’s perfection

The splinter of another mind’s eye

But still, just words on a printed page

Stirring and sometimes motivating

Few will stand and even fewer will deliver

Interpretation without expectations

Projections of possibilities and beyond

Of only to relax and listen deep within

Whispers to the sleepers to awaken

Keys to unlock the gateway to emotion

Building bridges where chasms once lived

Reclaiming all that was lost or surrendered

Shedding the armor; defenses lowered

Choosing vulnerability when all odds defy it

Seeking to reconnect with humanity

Moments of weakness don’t make us weak

Trying times are not a lifetime subscription

Many call them words on a page

Rather than see the reality of inspiration

A comforting shoulder to weep upon

Calm seas after a briny maelstrom

Encouragement when all things are bleak

The ray of sunshine on a gloomy afternoon

Most are shrouded in the darkness of modernism

Wrapped up in tasks, materialism, and sadness

So few see imaginative text come alive

As most only see what their eyes can see

Black and white, up and down, right or left

Picturesque but mere words and nothing more

For they have no understanding of the power

That living, breathing, source of something wonderful

Found in a collection of words on a page

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R J Schwartz

I write about everything and sometimes nothing at all. I'm fascinated by old things, rusty things, abandoned places, or anywhere that a secret might be unearthed. I'm passionate about history and many of my pieces are anchored in one concept of time or another. I've always been a writer, dating back to my youth, but the last decade has been a time of growth for me. I'm continually pushing the limitations of vocabulary, syntax, and descriptive phrasing.

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