Isn’t Life Strange

Isn’t life strange?


We come into this world,

full of magical wonder,

only to find the journey –

so very marvelous but short.

Along the way we find

lovers and friends –

that share it with us,

but love can be fleeting

or love can be true.


Isn’t it strange?


That we must go through it all,

to reach the end of the road

and along the way to see the beauty,

of nature and the four seasons,

with friendships that are golden

and friends that come and go out our door.


Isn’t life strange that way?


We seem to be here,

yet soon we are there

and life was just beginning.

Suddenly we are midstream,

but it doesn’t make life,

any less a wonder.

Each day a new miracle,

each day a new adventure,

memories to shine forever.


Isn’t life strange that way?


We never know what tomorrow will bring

and all of our yesterdays –

are now today’s

and we look with anticipation,

on our tomorrows –

but they are not promised anyone.

So we must take what we have today

and make it like a diamond shine –

so that as the day ends,

we can close the curtain as night rides in,

with a smile,

our hearts full of love,

night shadows mysterious,

muses whispering inspiration,

colorful dreams,

showing us what has been,

or what lies ahead,

until the morning light.


Isn’t life strange?

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Rasma Raisters

I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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