The Night Santa Came

It was Christmas Eve

and she still believed,

so chuckling to herself,

she placed out the cookies and milk,

hoping her cat was not going to wander about.

Hoping that this year Santa would bring her,

something special indeed,

so she sat before her PC,

a few more things that needed to be said.

Then to bed she did head,

her cat asleep beside her husband,

both quietly snoring –

at least life was not boring.

Around about midnight,

just as she was turning,

came a frightful clatter –

her cat looked up but meowed no matter.

Outside the snow was swirling,

with her head twirling,

she got up to see –

What was going on below?

In the living room a humorous sight,

gave her such delight,

a jolly fat man in a red suit,

had fallen upon her floor.

She helped him up

and he bellowed out ho, ho, ho!

Why are you up?

She doubted her sanity,

this was either a thief, a drunken neighbor –

But could it really be Santa?

With twinkling eyes and a red nose,

he smiled and nodded

“Santa here” and stretched out a mitted hand.

She shook it while desperately,

thinking what it was,

she had been last night drinking.

Santa chuckled and said,

“It’s always the grown-ups that doubt”.

I was making a last check,

looking at my world globe,

“You had but a snifter of cognac and nothing else”.

So he gathered up his sack,

reminded me that I’d always been a good girl,

to never stop believing

and with a shake of his big belly –

he heaved himself up the chimney.

She ran to fling open the door,

in time to see Santa, his reindeer and all,

rise up into the night sky,

then she really did believe

and when she  turned to go in,

her husband stood there looking puzzled,

he asked, “Did somebody call?”

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I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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