New Cycles…we are bound

New Cycles...we are bound
New Cycles…we are bound

Winter’s scowl long gone,
as new days spring into song,
building to a pinnacle summer
where black and gold in cycles
mould our time honoured consciousness,
and my pensive gaze displays
the echoes of lament,
days come and gone now sent
to the still, balmy nights of love.

Coloured days under the high sun,
as painted clouds stray in frayed blue skies,
and shimmer the afternoon,
heat rays of weight betray the clarity,
and sweat we must vent
the growing humidity,
and cold iced tongues imbibe
a cooling slide to conquer day
before relent and night.

Eternal skies absorb our weighted thoughts,
stars and lights of blinking life
removed from our momentary plight,
but somehow still the heart,
as cooler the air, the humid despair eased,
for just a breeze to appease the day,
would give a heart breath to say
I love you, beneath the rising moon.

Shallow sleep, too warm for an embrace,
as lovers drift in languid states,
and stay the far wandering mind,
forget the day disclosed and seek fantasy,
for burdens too much to sate,
release and make in cool repose
a needed dark oblivion, for rest, is best
on balmy nights as this,
in summers cruel oven.

Flights in space, weightless races
to stars beyond our dreams,
where comfort rates and heat abates,
as we drift by planets and coloured lakes,
gases swirling, time grinding in infinite beats,
and thoughts so gentle, open minded
to this womb of life,
ever-growing, falling, colliding space
as minds collate the visions.

Here, where beginnings and ends collide, coincide,
summer just a twinkling of an eye,
and comfort more of soul than mind,
as time ascribes the paths of humankind,
moments after moments,
compel thoughts to aspire, connect
with these cycles, ever turning,
ever spinning in a rhyme of complexity,
yet demanding compliance.

Bound we are by cycles.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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