Awakening a Mind

Awakening a Mind
Awakening a Mind

The awakening of day
is akin to a bloom unfurl,
in rapture of the sun’s warm breath,
and each day in contiguous display
of time divided,
provided in an inveterate play
of contrast and flow, is magnanimous.

Dwindled in the ebb of days,
the light we so aspire,
in thought and life we dream
for perfect sunny days, inspired
to accept life and all its struggle,
colours of endless array
imbue our seeking hearts.

The shift from darkness to light,
to darkness in eternal motion,
is like a heartbeat, a cosmic metronome,
and we may rule time with all our
idiosyncratic obsessions, yet time waits for no-one,
and life beats its finite beats in earthly life,
one day our hearts to cease.

And souls do peer beyond the skies,
to infinite rises and falls,
of birth and death in cosmic steps,
ongoing in seeds all sewn,
and spectacular visions of vibrant life unfolds,
crashing, exploding planets born
and suns radiate in the blackest spaces.

Becoming vessels full as traces
of life planted within proliferate,
life expands with ardour,
extending the darkness to light now sated,
hope and direction found,
and we in single sight do know,
beyond the skies we’re shown, beginnings.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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