Clouds, Like Thoughts

Clouds, Like Thoughts
Clouds, Like Thoughts

If thoughts create our reality as indeed they do, and we, in acknowledging that look at our world, how stark the realisation of our truth: the nightmare we have created. We may sit and watch the news, see violence and hatred unprecedented, see disasters and death by the thousands, war, oppression and suffering profoundly ensuing and yet we do not change our thinking. People complain, we blame, we take no responsibility for the global mess we’re in, yet somehow expect it to miraculously change.

We, as humanity, have evolved much technology, to make our lives better, easier and to hopefully save lives through science, medicine and knowledge. But spiritually we are fledgelings, novices at best, the most simple of concepts has not found our heart and evoked enough change in us to affect the world.

The world is governed by capitalism, and as such much of the populous worships money, a worthless concept that serves a system that controls our every decision and expectation. For this reason, we have fallen to its allure and lost touch with what is truly important: family, love, kindness, compassion, empathy. Instead, we compete, we struggle to acquire wealth and virtually kill ourselves doing it.

The purpose of life is learning, a spiritual awakening that delivers us to higher realms of consciousness and thought. Yet with all our technology, we remain slaves to the ego, contentious with all life, ideologies, religions, cultures and nature itself, spending our time suckling on the breast of capitalism, power and egocentric pursuits.

We can talk about it, agree or at least see common sense in it, but until we personally change, the world and all its chaos will remain.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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