As the Lies Engender Truth, the Illusion

As the Lies Engender Truth, the Illusion
As the Lies Engender Truth, the Illusion

Without restraint, I acknowledge
the impurity of thought and action,
the obscurity of deviations that so mark today’s society,
lost amid the scrutiny of the righteous,
forever handing down sentences
for that which they indulge themselves.

Pedophile judges, the power in grudges
expedited to protect themselves,
and church no better, protected to the letter
while innocents flail in suffering discontent,
malevolent beings in high places,
their traces the trails of sick minds.

And so the gap between truth and reality widens,
between what’s said and what is, divided,
compromised to keep shielded the lies,
and between politicians and scientists,
the never-ending lies to develop business
in the name of human health.

With each article, we read,
a solid doubt of sincerity, of resounding longevity,
the plays and schemes of malicious deeds
the day to day of bleeding souls,
caught amid the veils of orchestration,
the visions and words of attrition.

What’s worth believing, then,
after all these lies and selfish benefits
of those who hold control,
protecting their worlds and keeping ours
on the edge of folding, as we are told to embrace the system,
strive for one and family.

There comes a time when lies so freely told
become a molded waste of space,
and who has credibility,
Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens,
all of them absent when the roll is called,
for the truth to be afforded.

We live in a delusion of worth,
a fed spectrum of systems designed to placate
the fears forged to allow our fate to arise,
so compromised our freedom,
we no longer know what it is,
and in the end, seek it not,
for we believe it’s ours, to begin with.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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