The Psychopath…I Know a Few

The Psychopath...I Know a Few
The Psychopath…I Know a Few

Perceiving reality molded to your will
and need to always win,
is a delusion of magnitude,
driven by a fragile ego and a strong sense of fear,
that you are not really in control.

Such delusion takes a toll,
rendering the soul unable to recognise truth at all,
their only measure, what they themselves want,
and so contending with such a soul
is a pointless exercise.

No matter what the truth,
their conviction, their relentless blame
and vindication of themselves
a symptom of delusion that in practice,
can justify anything at all.

They become heartless, amoral
and devout in their self-belief,
projected as the best in human aspect,
beloved and inspiring to all,
that is, unless you cross them.

Reality then comes to the fore,
with spite and vengeance unrecognised
for its dark and evil intent,
a soul unhinged and capable of great strife,
mentally and physically.

A psychopath in a clinical sense,
these souls are often very intelligent,
they seek connection and friendships, not out of love
but to gain a good appearance,
and have others to manipulate.

They lie, they manifest truth
like the necessity of breathing,
continually applying their strategies
to better place their control,
and the compliance of all within their life.

They are experts at denial,
teary victims of hurt and circumstance,
yet they are the manipulators,
the cold loveless purveyors
of spite and negativity.

Capable of anything
these unlikely souls are dangerous,
for they will do anything
to protect their lies, their delusion,
for the truth to them is far too much to bear.

For they are cowards,
they are not capable of love,
feel bitterly worthless in self-image
and driven to maintain their detailed lies
that give them comfort in their delusional minds.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “The Psychopath…I Know a Few

  • August 26, 2018 at 10:29 PM

    I’ve come across a few in my time, knowing how to recognize them before they close in for the kill is the important thing. There are many of them wandering around in the political arena these days, stay clear of them, they are out to bring down whoever they can. Indeed they are cowards who walk among mankind. Well penned and very expressive Tony, enjoyed it.


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