Our Experiences Worth Living

Our Experiences Worth Living
Our Experiences Worth Living

The winds change incessantly,
aligned we may be to the fallen,
and confusion reigns momentarily,
as new lines on the sand are drawn.

Open-eyed and attentive we must be,
perceptive in our thoughts,
for troubles and calm are interchangeable,
and in purpose a danger so fraught.

Life is like a throw of dice,
the results always unexpected,
as nothing can really prepare us,
for the stone cold truth of rejection.

We are stretched, burdened by so much,
a test of our resolve and resilience,
every turn a challenge afforded,
as every truth becomes evident.

The more we struggle, the more we bend,
the harsher the experiences,
and facing truth no matter its hurt,
is all we can do to make a difference.

For contending with life hold us,
keeps disorder so prevalent,
when flowing with the changes presented,
arrests the need for settlement.

Learning is always our purpose,
imperfect souls in ascendancy,
and how that path is played out in life,
depends upon our responses and empathy.

The knowing of this process within life,
discerns how we perceive our plight,
as our intentions create a premise,
clearing a path for us to thrive.

In appreciation of all we’re given,
our thoughts become enlivened, the travail forgiven,
and suddenly the challenges seem easier,
knowing full well our transition.

For experience is what we expect or limit,
being open and accepting far better,
so when pain is afforded to test us,
we shed our fears and accept without being bitter.

As life is glorious in potential,
our thoughts either open or limited,
and it is our decision alone to make,
the experiences we have worth living.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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