The Crest of the Wave

The Crest of a Wave
The Crest of a Wave

At the crest of tumultuous change,
we ride a wave that will either deliver us or crush us,
the weight of this burden is undeniable,
the stakes incomparable, and our response,
the key to deliverance of decline.

The world has always been our choices,
as we create it within our minds,
and we may complain and carry bitter regrets
as to the state of our affairs,
yet we are their very cause.

What defines us from here, is spirituality,
the very thing much of the world has lost,
the lack of love the breading grounds for hatred and violence,
in families, on the streets and eventually in war,
causing only desolation, suffering and death.

Segregation creates conflict
and we have judged too harshly, racial and cultural difference,
religious and philosophical beliefs,
until now we are isolated, by fear and judgement,
brought ourselves to the brink of destruction.

Love is the only thing that will save our kind,
for all else is tainted by our hatred and fear,
our lack of compassion and understanding for the plight of others,
cast out because of difference
when it should be celebrated within our humankind.

The spiritual path is a path of forgiveness,
of loving all life no matter the form or state,
and without that we face our own demise,
the suffering we create with our wayward thoughts,
our lack of respect for nature and life itself.

Change is paramount, now more than ever,
as we will not survive the continuation of this present path,
so invest in love, compassion and understanding,
accept difference and diversity with an open heart
and change the course of the world, before its too late.

There can be no complacency, for its all or nothing,
we are either the solution or the problem,
and love is the only way,
spirituality the only key to deliverance
from a world seeking harm to itself,
by actions and thoughtless greed.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “The Crest of the Wave

  • July 10, 2018 at 11:15 PM

    Love, understanding, kindness and spirituality will deliver us from harm and on to a far better world / life for all living beings. Thank you, Tony. Take care.


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