As the Mind Flows, So Does Life

As the Mind Flows, So Does Life
As the Mind Flows, So Does Life

Ever present, the lulling tones of reason,
and like lilting breezes they soothe
the frantic thoughts of confusion,
the aspiring thirst for delusions,
when we find comfort in not facing reality,
dressed to vanquish our wants.

The process ongoing, the rise and fall
of thought and consideration
sewing the paradigms of our beliefs,
as we labor the hills and dales of life’s path,
and draw on our experience to decide
with conviction a course of worth.

Extremes do rock the boat,
when undulation far deeper or higher
provoke our fears, and panic prevails,
as equilibrium assails our hearts,
as if a sharp blade threat
to compromise the circumstances we vet.

Life is a giving game,
allowing ourselves to experience,
whatever that may be, because
our learning is the key to movement,
a pathway of destined life, founded in
the acceptance of our plight here on earth.

Reason is our tool of understanding,
finding balance and caring for the road we take,
as circumstances lead us to learning and growth,
we experience more if we give and accept
the ride, whether highs or lows,
in this endless potential of being.

Many extremes become illusions grounded by fear,
that when accepted become far less painful
or invasive in our lives,
this is a lesson of great importance,
for we determine the course of each day,
each circumstance of living.

Let that lilting breeze soothe your fears,
and know pain does end,
happiness is a state of mind,
and know that potential is endless,
only held back by our beliefs
and those fears that bind us to their reality.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “As the Mind Flows, So Does Life

  • July 8, 2018 at 1:07 AM

    How far we could go if not for fears and beliefs that hold us down – our potential could be endless. This verse is a great life lesson, Tony. Well done. Take care.


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