The Confusion of Delusion, a Self-Destructive Malaise

The Confusion of Delusion, a Self-Destructive Malaise
The Confusion of Delusion, a Self-Destructive Malaise

Embrace the truth,
for it rules to overcome that part of us
that seeks the comfort of delusion,
the lies that keep us warm at night,
but in the end it offers an alternate plight,
lost within a plethora of truth and lies
so melded in our minds,
there is not telling what truth abides.

In confusion we exist,
believing our own lies and deceit,
like concrete set in our lives,
so ingrained within, we cannot see reality,
cannot overcome our mentality
in creating a world of illusions,
institutions of wrack and ruin,
the foundation within our head.

There is no reprieve from this malaise,
for no matter who reveals the truth,
the truth is gone forever,
woven in a cocoon of accepted wants,
and for the sake of functionality
cannot be broken,
a private reality, a cause and effect
a plausible voice outspoken.

When hiding from ourselves,
we stray from our potential,
limit our mental capacity,
too deep-rooted with self-protection
the light ceases to fall,
and in the darkness of our forestalled life,
we live by our own rules and truth,
separate from reality, the effects of the ruse.

Embrace truth, delusion is waste,
and in life what can we learn
faced with our own lies,
and a world of fantasy
held together with nothing more than fear,
the truth worth escape to lies upheld,
and those lost to this ill
are sorely broken, no credibility,
no affinity with the real world.

In exploring these lives of delusion,
I know that despite their efforts
they are never happy, as what they truly need
is lost within the lies they feed themselves,
and in the end they live in misery,
their chosen reality no advantage at all,
and I wonder why, why they go to such lengths
to protect they own suffering.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “The Confusion of Delusion, a Self-Destructive Malaise

  • June 22, 2018 at 12:38 AM

    Without their delusions they may think they will cease to exist. It takes a lot of faith in self and spiritual strength to face reality. Very well composed verse, Tony. Take care dear friend.


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