His Summer Dream

Like a sweet summer song,

a memory from long ago,

she came to him –

in the summertime.

He remembered how she looked,

with the sun reflecting,

upon her radiant auburn hair.

It was heading toward evening

and the sun was setting,

he caught his breath –

she was a sight to behold.

Surely she would be –

his summer dream.

Surely she would be –

his summer dream.

Then she saw him

and that was all he knew,

as his heart raced

and he took her hand.

That first night it was all a whirl,

the dinner he couldn’t eat,

the champagne they drank

and then they danced –

till the sun rose in the sky.

It was a summer,

he would hold in his heart forever,

she was so graceful,

so wonderful.

They had a magical time,

starry nights

and walking in the moonlight.

When he held her,

it seemed like he could hear,

the sweetest music,

in all the world.

Their nights blazed with passion,

summer dreams upon the beach,

as they sat upon the cliffs –

watching the waves crash against the shore.

There was no need for talking,

their kisses said it all

and when he watched her,

running along the beach,

he thought of her –

as a lovely butterfly.

The days seemed to race,

as July turned to August

and he was glad,

she was content to be,

in his arms.

It was when the winds,

became colder,

it was when the summer days,

were but a handful,

that she seemed to gaze –

somewhere far, far away.

She was restless,

that was when he knew,

that she truly was,

like a summer butterfly –

that came and went.

The summer came to an end

and one morning when he awoke,

he found upon the pillow –

one single last rose of the summer.

Outside the autumn leaves,

were starting to fall

and his summer dream,

his summer butterfly,

had flown,

leaving him with an aching heart

and bittersweet memories.

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Rasma Raisters

I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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