Beyond it All, There is Love

Beyond it All, There is Love
Beyond it All, There is Love

Convey I must the joy of being,
the pure breath of acceptance
that underpins the seeing of reality’s breadth,
its kind caress of understanding,
that has taken a lifetime to acquire,
and within this ongoing process
I cannot ignore pain restored
to more afferent experience,
settled into its finely honed place
within the scope of my existence.

In the silence of thought
I imbibe the ruse of human lies and grief,
knowing that it also, is necessary change,
to rearrange our preconceived ideas of fate,
into a succession of epiphanies
that deliver us from our doom
and sorrowed tunes,
to a stillness of heart, a knowing
that cannot be explained,
or need any consideration.

The world churns, turns to its own beat,
and I watch in tune with its spry moves,
governed by the wants of many,
the struggle the intensity of will,
yet I, still of heart, quiet of mind
find not a connection with it,
rather watch with interest,
and quietly assess the ruination
of ideals lost to aspiration,
the avarice of selfish ills.

Joy comes from emotions,
delivered by creative minds,
human beings attuned to love’s spark,
and in life itself, connections with animals
and kindness yielding to harmonious life,
as all this swells a heart,
inspires thoughts and a loving mark on life,
to uplift with hope,
the scope of realization now brewing
within souls across the earth.

Tears are a gift of sentient being,
emotions guided to nuances
that transcend the physical life,
aspire the spiritual beings within
to face the light and attest love,
for all who struggle,
who suffer human plight,
as that is all that life can afford us,
its greatest gift of learning in life,
to find that exquisite sharing of love.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “Beyond it All, There is Love

  • June 19, 2018 at 10:17 PM

    Your works like this one are great learning tools and inspiration for others. Wonderful piece, Tony. Take care.


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