If the Soul Were Done, We Would Not be Here

If the Soul Were Done, We Would Not be Here
If the Soul Were Done, We Would Not be Here

Truth is rarely wrapped in neat little parcels,
for our perception of it is always limited
and the periphery often left unseen,
so why do we accept truth so readily,
when one of those neat little parcels is before us,
too easy and somewhat questionable
if we cared to think about it.

Yet that small epiphany as we see it,
is but a glimpse of truth in reality,
circumstances disconnected,
and our expectations lowered to accept
a comfortable truth with which we can assimilate,
and in doing so feel a sense of achievement,
a soothing and maintenance of our world.

Truth is not definitive,
for our perception of it changes,
and how words of inspiration can uplift us
to divine truth, in but a moment,
for epiphanies are but steps of realization,
small steps on a long and arduous journey,
and no-one or no thing can deliver truth complete.

Realizing truth is more about
our ability to change, rather than truth be disclosed,
for it is we who suffer our own ineptitude,
our own chosen delusions of belief
that limit our visions of reality,
and in that, we must be patient,
must accept small steps in learning.

When we see truth, even a glimmer,
we must question the circumstance,
the play of minds surrounding it
and know our perceptions and partly driven
by experience and predilections,
that and our inability to understand
what may stand before us.

We may believe, individually, collectively,
but to be true to ourselves, we must remain open-minded,
for completeness can be elusive, and definitive s
unlikely to quell our wants and desires,
so when truth is in plea,
it is well we remain open and not judgmental,
for if the souls were done, we would not be here.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “If the Soul Were Done, We Would Not be Here

  • February 7, 2018 at 9:03 PM

    Your words of wisdom show remarkable insight to the soul’s journey and truths. I know my truths of today, of this moment, yet I know they will change as more wisdom/insight helps me continue to spiritually grow. I have always known we would not be here if we were perfect, but you explain in a way that is much more clear. Great piece, Tony. Well done dear friend.


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