In Quiet Repose, the Knowing

In Quiet Repose, the Knowing
In Quiet Repose, the Knowing

Adrift like a diaphanous cloud,
a wisp of white pristine silence,
skating across the eternal blue,
gently burgeoning in slow recreation,
my heart alert, opens as a lily
on the shimmering pond of life,
and what paths reveal
as I wander this vast existence,
like a parade of mysteries
in serenity and thunder,
as I glean my fill of sagacious thought.

Such beauty, unrivalled,
each glimmer of life’s expression,
each realization of perfection
in mother’s adept hands,
and how can I not see my own seed,
a part of all this propagation,
the eternal fame of existence,
burning strong and persistent,
as we all move through time’s beat,
the heart of the cosmos,
the movement of souls.

Silence is my home, my release,
where thoughts are clear and unencumbered,
and truth evolves before my very eyes,
perspective grows and epiphanies writhe
as this soul imbibes the self,
its truths to shed the skins of past
and ascend the path of clarity,
and in that calm knowing I shine
as the soul renders itself worthy
caste all those doubts aside
and become who I am and meant to be.

My mind now escapes the cacophony,
stills itself to find that resolution
of peace within, forgiven sins
and the past sent to bed, for all it shed
in learning, as I in quiet repose
experience each sweet moment,
living in the present a gift,
where reality holds its place
and I behold its face,
in total clarity,
for this soul to understand.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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