Moments of Clarity

Moments of Clarity
Moments of Clarity

Tangerine the color of my sunset play,
as curtains drawn become the night
and say in sweet release,
farewell to day in slumber’s sight,
and as the clouds pull hard
the strings of darkness,
the cover of purple becomes the light,
twinkling winks of yesterdays plight,
in dazzling array.

I breathe the cool of languishing day,
fallen to the vast horizon,
and moon drags its luminescent plume,
to loom above this traveled earth,
and soothe its furrowed brow,
to release the days affray,
and slip so gently into dreams,
where wishes gather and tears redeemed,
to face a future clean.

And as the night pervades,
planets spin and comets light the way,
the eternal depth of darkness
yields so much more than imagination,
in quiet aspirations of life’s endless din,
where everything in forms unknown
steps to times marked beat,
together as one we remain,
evolving life in love and sin.

Just in witness a heart swells,
knowing all in infinity’s way,
as we in finite time do roam the world of limits,
but divots of a green pasture,
filled of life and promise,
and we the hopes of dreams as novice
tread the earth in learning,
aspiring to understand
this world of our discerning.

Days come and go,
night the soothing of our souls,
and time draws out the toxins,
as we gather our heart and wrap it in wisdom,
to somehow realize our sacred troth,
relish love and forbid, get lost,
and to stand upon our belief, be true,
and above all to see the beauty that befalls
the mistakes and ineptitude we bring.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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