Brain Tease – Brain Freeze

Brain Tease
Riddles, Cyphers
Trick Box
Optical Illusions
Magic Acts
River Crossings
Letter jumbles
Crossword Puzzle
Walk on Water
Impersonate, Orchestrate
Metal Rings
Metal Puzzles
Rubik’s Cube
X-Ray Tube
Playing Cards
Secret Code
Bent Spoons, Rubber Pencils
Water Buckets
Cutting Rope
Stage Props
Escape the Box
Escape the Chains
Magic Number
Floating Glass
Trojan Horse
Sawed in Half
Mystery, Mastery
Brain Freeze


Author’s Note

Many things stimulate our brains – some magical, some mechanical, and some mathmatecal  (see what I did there..ha ha ha…I stimulated your brain – you tried to qucikly recall something in the poem that wasn’t listed in the three things I just mentioned.)  Trickery and illusion are large parts of the art of magic, but they are based on proven methods.  A few worthy links below might stimulate your brain even further.

25 Most Impressive Magic Tricks Ever

Unbreakable Codes and Impenetrable Ciphers


R J Schwartz
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