‘Allow’…a powerful and transformative word

'Allow'...a powerful and trans formative word
‘Allow’…a powerful and trans formative word

We cannot but judge life in all its aspects,
as it is our way to try to understand it,
and as our perceptions become more honed,
our views and judgement changes,
as elusive truths unfold in a sapient mind.

In our reckless judgement, often void of reason,
we perceive others doing what to us, is wrong,
and we take sides without understanding,
having a rather blinkered view from our experience,
as we are limited by it.

Each one of us is on a very particular journey,
with very particular circumstances and learning
that is necessary for our understanding,
and therefore there is no right or wrong,
just differences in action and consequence.

The word ‘allow’ is a powerful word,
as when we allow others and ourselves
to experience what we must
without judgement or interference,
we are helping, not distracting a valid course.

Even if people are being mean, causing pain
and making our life a misery,
allow them their mistakes and learning,
and then accept and consider our own learning
within the circumstance.

Contending with life
does not turn out well for anyone,
and allowing people to experience their mistakes
and epiphanies is a supportive role,
as we so often cannot see the truth behind
the apparent circumstance we are so judging.

What we see as unfair and unjust
may well be a change we or someone else needs,
and if we do not look further
into the currents of life beneath the surface,
we may never understand the reality and necessity of it.

Allow yourself the acceptance
of things you do not yet understand,
and allow yourself the openness and freedom
to one day glean that knowledge,
for everyone’s sake.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “‘Allow’…a powerful and transformative word

  • February 14, 2018 at 9:07 PM

    Excellent topic, Tony, and very well presented. We all want to be able to follow our own path, our own beliefs. To allow others to do their own thing, whether we agree or not, is the way to allow them to learn. Well done dear friend.


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