A Love Poem: The Wraith and the Carefree Woman

Sandy, My Love

Sand squeezes up between my toes and washes away

In the foam of a retreating wave.

Wet stones glisten in the sunlight asserting a rainbow of features.

On this beach, I am no stranger.

I’ve walked this shore grasping tiny fingers mile after mile.

Memories of small voices bring an awkward smile.

At the thought of the hand of my love, I draw my empty palm toward my face.  

Had there been such a time and place?

The setting sun blazes a trail over the watery plain

Until twilight wanes and darkness reigns.

Farther along, orange light burns a hole in the black curtain.

I approach slowly, uncertain, 

 Children roast hotdogs and marshmallows on wooden shafts.

A young woman laughs

In a clear voice that announces she has lived a happy life.

An empty beach chair lingers at her side.

I wait at a distance, in awe of the joyful family.

It is familiar to me.   

My heart is overcome with a sense of loneliness a loss.

The empty chair from the fireside taunts.

Might my laughter join theirs in praise for the gift of life?

I bow my head and pass by.

I walk until the gray twilight breaks the spell of the night deeper,

Silencing the chorus of spring peepers.

The sun climbs and shadows stretch as they flee its piercing gaze.

I turn my back on the rising blaze

At the site of the beach fire, blackened wood rests atop the stone hearth,

Now as cold as my own heart.

The voice of my love laughing I hear,

Unmistakable to my ears.

I watch as she bends down and picks up a stone,

Then holds it before a smile that glows.

I glance at the sand from whence we both had come; one set of tracks I see.

The truth drives me to my knees.

As a wraith, a shade with no place to call home,

Forever this Earth I will roam.

I turn to see just one more time before the vision is gone

The happy face,

The carefree spirit,

But, alas, my love has flown.

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Chris Mills

I was born and raised on an Indiana dairy farm, became a Michigander and now travel all over the US as a traveling laboratory tech. I write every day and cover as many genres as I can. Short fiction is my favorite, but I'm dabbling in a longer piece as well. One of my writing guidelines is to be as creative and original as I possibly can be. Sometimes that leads to some strange stuff. At the end of each of my stories there is a place to sign up to follow me on The Creative Exiles. I invite you to do this so you can be notified each time I post a new story. Thanks for visiting The Creative Exiles website.

8 thoughts on “A Love Poem: The Wraith and the Carefree Woman

  • February 8, 2018 at 1:50 AM

    Chris, this is a great poem and I so enjoyed reading it. Per our FB chat, I will add this to the contest list. I felt sad when his love “had flown”. Well done, Chris. Thank you so much for writing this poem for the contest, I really appreciate it.

  • February 16, 2018 at 5:49 PM

    Hi Chris,

    List of entries for the contest has been posted in the forum and in the 2/15 newsletter.

    Please vote for your favorite poem. Last day to vote is 2/28. Winner will be announced in

    the March 1 issue of our newsletter. Winner will be notified by private email with request

    for address to send the ‘101 FAMOUS POEMS’ book to. Thank you.

  • February 16, 2018 at 7:10 PM

    Chris, I know where the sentiments of this poem come from. I know poetry is not normally your forte but this is excellent and heart-tugging stuff.

    I have to vote for this poem in the competition.

    • February 17, 2018 at 12:43 PM

      John, thank you. You are so right, poetry is not my forte. haha. I appreciate your words here.


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