Within Reality, Our Choices

Within Reality, Our Choices
Within Reality, Our Choices

A temporal view at best,
our perceptions of reality,
the causality of the paths we create,
in response to belief and those aspects of life
that have us retreat,
to salvage or protect our delicate persona,
built on both truth and lie,
whatever services best our comfort
in the acceptance of self.

So rarely is truth of self accepted,
so often is truth rejected
because we cannot face ourselves,
know what we are in standing,
within the spectrum of understanding,
and accept the ineptitude, the guilt
and secrets held,
to nurture the delusion of who we wish to be,
regardless of potential.

If only we would realise
the limitations we so tether,
when out of fear we lie to ourselves,
and in doing so keep stagnant
what should be set free, become apparent
in our potential to overcome
the faults that make us hide,
and so counter-productive this ploy
as is its irony of a joyless task.

Reality becomes so maligned
it ends up in pieces,
held together by contrived untruths
that make it appear seamless,
yet lies are superficial and rise to clarity
with little persuasion,
and our ruse at some point disclosed,
and all we think we know
lost in a mist of self-deception.

Reality is dependant upon our honesty,
the ability to accept the self and all its encumbrance,
as we face truth and our imperfections,
and in that undertaking
we may then see the world for what it is,
rather than what we would wish,
then and only then can truth be understood,
the knowledge of ourselves honest
and open to change within reality.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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Tony DeLorger

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3 thoughts on “Within Reality, Our Choices

  • January 29, 2018 at 9:58 PM

    It would be preposterous to believe Creator put us here on Earth to simply exist. We have an obligation to strive, to know and reach our potential and live in truth, to understand the truth of self and the world. We needs be honest to accomplish this way of life and not just exist day to day. You explain this so well, Tony. Great work. Take care dear friend.

  • January 30, 2018 at 12:10 AM

    Glad it rang true for you Phyllis. I’m enjoying a cool and almost chilly day here; such a change from the excessive heatwave just endured. Weather is becoming somewhat erratic and most unpredictable. Take care.

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