The Value of Intention

The Value of Intention
The Value of Intention

Intention bleeds from circumstance
no matter the wanted perception,
and human manipulation is as glass
to the eyes of the observer,
as those woven into the denial of themselves,
are even more so the glaring ineptitude
of their reality of being.

Regardless of the lengths gone to,
to elicit belief and support,
truth can be a beacon light for those of insight,
as pretense is a strand against the grain,
and in the attempts of wrong,
intentions, like a festering infection,
bare their reality.

So blind to themselves, so many,
oblivious to their predilections
and also their dark choices, seen as righteous paths
in scenarios that uphold their delusions of grandeur,
the lies they tell themselves to placate
feelings of worthlessness
at some point in life driven to inhibit their beliefs.

I feel sorrow for ignorant souls,
yet it is they who choose to hurt and slander others,
and in the end they suffer at their own hand,
for all the imbalance and harm they create,
and in forgiveness I shall rise above their petty ploys,
for they cannot hurt truth,
only those who sadly believe them.

If we are true to ourselves,
honest, loving and compassionate,
there is no need for pretense, no need for lies,
as we are as glass to all,
clarity the binding of our souls,
as if we cannot abide ourselves, what truth do we serve,
in the pathways we choose to live.

Positive intention is all we can render
to a world of confusion and disarray,
for if we slip into judgement and blame,
we lose our way, and soured intentions
transform our process and demean our path,
then open to more of the same,
limiting everything we think and do.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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