The Rise of Darkness…the losses will be great

The Rise of Darkness...the losses will be great
The Rise of Darkness…the losses will be great


Darkness clothed in light…

Ruthless skies abound,
as shadows fade and darkness surrounds,
and candlelight like dots in the void,
holds hope alive;
and the weight of darkness is menacing,
when shadows fall
what hides within comes into sight,
and fear exacerbates the gloom.

When light falls,
the world transforms in plight,
night but a glimmer of the darkness will,
and still we stand,
hope our only connection,
as those of the shadows alight,
and suddenly we’re faced
with truth we cannot fight.

Fear we may these entities,
the power plays of covert life,
now standing in the light of truth,
yet darkness they choose, refuse full clarity,
but here they are, nowhere to hide,
when shadows fall from doused light,
these beings are in our sight,
and we should know them, true.

Some can remain in shadow,
even in the brightest light,
for they are masked, as if painted bright,
to allay the fears of the seeing,
yet they are darkness complete,
light thieves that entreat naive souls
to follow their dark deeds,
and to deceive the good hearted.

I find it hard to accept,
people see not the shadow,
when souls as these alight, filled with promises,
filled with divisive words, even madness
to twist the minds of nations to appease
the grievous harm they create,
yet the truth abounds, and darkness succeeds,
albeit for a time; but what of the losses?

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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