Let Not Complexity Blind Purpose

Let Not Complexity Blind Purpose
Let Not Complexity Blind Purpose

Buried deep in detail,
what good is the avalanche,
when even breath is inhibited,
and so what marks the clear path,
the unobstructed direction of being,
’tis the kindness that beams from an open heart,
not the knowledge of philosophies
that echo in the emptiness of minds
afeared of truth, but loving intent;
and intuition is like the glasses we need to read,
the truth in circumstance that leads us to the flow,
not degrees in thought or systematic approach,
just love drives a soul,
to be just what it is and in happiness glean
what it needs in its slow and measured ascension.

No need to be an expert,
not need to learn passages of text,
ancient truths burned into soul groups
and etched into the halls of the Akashic Records,
just be honest with yourself,
live life with kindness
and listen to the whispers of your soul,
for nothing else matters,
and being open ignites the light within,
answers accessible, obstacles just challenges,
and life as it should be,
a paradise of growth and experience,
the ideal of love our guiding paradigm,
to align our stars and deliver us
to a calm and considered peace,
and a release from all the lies.

We may learn the details of complexity,
the very foundation of life’s secrets,
yet without our heart and good intention,
the knowledge is moot,
and measuring knowledge just an ego flight,
a contention in itself,
so is comparison, believing betterment,
all lies and encumbrance,
when only kindness and a loving intent
procures our eternal path,
to join the flow of life
and bathed in the light of truth, ascend,
commend a balanced sight,
a perfect life within the paradise of earth,
safe in the knowledge we are aware.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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