Chasing Sunsets

Chasing Sunsets

144 miles to Amarillo

14 dead armadillos

and counting…


faded, painted

road lines

Back sweat drench

I maintain speed

in my ’88 Corvette

chasing sunsets

pink and blue hues

I head west

as darkness sets

in my rearview mirror.

Valerie Vaughn

Poet & Writer.Contributor to Feminine Collective.Contributor at The Poetry Rag.Contributor/Member of The Creative Exiles.Contributor to Poets Unlimited, Extra Newsfeed, and Crossin(G)enres at Medium.Editor's Pick Recipient (2015) - at narratorINTERNATIONAL.
Valerie Vaughn

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Valerie Vaughn

Poet & Writer. Contributor to Feminine Collective. Contributor at The Poetry Rag. Contributor/Member of The Creative Exiles. Contributor to Poets Unlimited, Extra Newsfeed, and Crossin(G)enres at Medium. Editor's Pick Recipient (2015) - at narratorINTERNATIONAL.

4 thoughts on “Chasing Sunsets

  • December 9, 2017 at 4:19 PM

    I love this , Lately I’ve been doing a lot of that, chasing sunsets , living on the road and traveling the west . Been in NM lately and I still find the amounts of beautiful sunsets amazing , coming from new England we never saw so many with all the cloudy days .
    Nice writing !…….Ed

  • December 9, 2017 at 7:43 PM

    Loved this Valerie. As a nature photographer I chase sunsets and once I capture them on film I realize that each and every one is beautifully different.


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